Hi, my name is Angela Wyss. I’m a Swiss fashion designer, currently based in Salzburg, Austria.
With over 9 years experience as an apparel designer I developed my skills in all aspects of the design process and am highly specialized in the sportswear & athleisure industry with focus on functionality. I worked most of the time in design agency where my keen perception got taught by working together with different clients and their demands.

This are two of my favorite shoes. They describe me and how I’m discovering my surroundings.

On one hand I love to be outside, reach the peak of the mountain and enjoy the sweep of the horizon. On the other hand I love fashion and to express myself with it. I enjoy playing with colors, patterns, materials and volumes. All in all my shoes have to support my flexibility and my drive to explore cities and nature.

Clients I worked for as an employee at Kiska & at Blends and as a freelancer: